Bullying Help Tips Increase Self Esteem Stop Bullying

Bullying Help Tips Increase Self Esteem Stop Bullying

Bullying Help Tips

Bullying is very common these days. Bullying is now responsible for many ending their lives so soon. Just about everyone has a bullying story to tell. Hope bullying tips assist you in finding creative ways to boost your child’s self esteem so that they can combat bullying.

An anti-bullying program needs to include a component that deals directly with self esteem and feelings of self worth; because, how we treat others is directly related to how we are treating ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves we are less likely to lash out at others. Just think back to your last ‘good hair day’. On a good hair day, everyone and everything seems great, people are easy to get along with, parking spaces appear out of nowhere – life is good.


The way a children sees themselves is translated to their behavior. If their self talk is that of the ‘critical parent’ they will speak to others in that same critical tone. If they are angry at themselves they are more likely to be angry and intolerable of others. However, children who are pleased with themselves tend to be pleasant and compassionate to others. Abraham Lincoln summed this concept up best. “When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad.”

Howard C. Culter quoted his holiness the Dalai Lama who expanded on Lincoln’s words. “Survey after survey has shown that it is unhappy people who tend to be most self-focused and are often socially withdrawn, brooding, and even antagonistic. Happy people, in contrast, are generally found to be more sociable, flexible, and creative and are able to tolerate life’s daily frustrations more easily than unhappy people. And most important, they are found to be more loving and forgiving than unhappy people.”

So, we need to focus our efforts on helping our children to be happier. One technique you can try this evening is to start a compliment circle. Gather the family and have each person take a turn at turning to the person on their left and giving them a compliment. Encourage others to deliver compliments that are specific to the individual they are addressing. I have had success using this technique with children as young as four years old. Give it a try; you may be surprised at how effective this technique is and how quickly the mood in your home will shift.

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